Amazon Prime Day 2020 may now be delayed to October

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Amazon Prime Day 2020 may have just been delayed once again.

Amazon has reportedly decided to postpone Prime Day 2020 until early October. That’s according to emails sent from Amazon to third-party sellers and viewed by CNBC and Business Insider. There’s no exact date settled yet, but Amazon is advising sellers to keep the week of October 5th as a placeholder.

When asked about the date for Prime Day 2020, an Amazon spokesperson said, “We have not made any announcements regarding Prime Day.”

Prime Day sales typically happen in mid-July, but this year the coronavirus pandemic has caused Amazon to delay its yearly promotion. We first heard that it could be pushed back to August, then it was rumored that Prime Day may happen in September, and now it might not happen until October.

Because COVID-19 is still an issue and there are spikes happening around the US, it’s no surprise to hear that Amazon still hasn’t settled on a date for Prime Day 2020. The huge sale will likely put a strain on Amazon’s shipping processes, and so there could be issues with that if there are ongoing problems with the coronavirus. So for now, Amazon is likely waiting to see what happens with the COVID-19 pandemic before settling on the dates for this year’s Prime Day.

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