Amazon Prime Day 2020 now rumored to happen in September

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Amazon Prime Day typically takes place in mid-July, but we recently heard that the big sale could be pushed back to August this year due to the coronavirus pandemic. Now a new report says the sale could be delayed even further.

Amazon decided this week to hold its Prime Day 2020 sale in September, according to a report from The Wall Street Journal. Sources say that Amazon came to this decision because of strains on the company’s warehouses.

Because of COVID-19 and a combination of some Amazon warehouse employees not coming into work and a higher demand for online orders, Amazon’s typically fast one- or two-day shipping has taken longer lately. Shipping times for some products have been estimated to take as long as a month.

Prime Day is a huge deal for Amazon, and so it wouldn’t be a surprise if these shipping delays played a part in the company’s decision to push Prime Day 2020 back. With so many people shopping during Prime Day and taking advantage of the sales there’s going to be a huge strain on Amazon’s shipping processes, and so it would be wise for the company to wait until its shipping and warehouses return to normal after the coronavirus pandemic before putting another strain on them.

Have you ever taken advantage of any Prime Day deals?

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