Android 11 Developer Preview 3 brings updated app switcher, other new features

Android 11 dial

Android 11 Developer Preview 3 was unleashed by Google today, and we told you earlier that it includes features like app exit reasons updates and GWP-ASan heap analysis. Turns out that there are some more consumer-centric features in the update, too.

First up, there’s an updated app switcher design that gives you Screenshot and Share shortcuts at the bottom of the display. Android Police notes that the Screenshot button will take a screenshot of the highlighted app while the Share button will take a screenshot and automatically bring up the share dialog.

Android 11 app switcher

Speaking of screenshots, Google has updated its screenshot tool in this Android 11 Developer Preview 3 update. Droid-Life notes that the new UI shows a small preview of your screenshot in the lower left corner of the screen along with Share and Edit buttons.

Android 11 new screenshot UI

There’s an improvement to gestures in this update, too. The folks at Droid-Life spotted individual sensitivity controls for the left and right edges. Now you can choose exactly how sensitive you want each side of your phone to be when you’re performing the back gesture swipe.

Android 11 individual gesture sensitivity

Lastly is a new feature that may not be useful to a ton of people but is still kind of neat to see. Google has added an Ethernet tethering option to Android 11 DP3, reports Android Police, letting you use your Android device as the host network and sharing a connection with another device other Ethernet. The option will only appear if you plug in a USB Ethernet adapter into your phone.

Most folks would probably rather use Bluetooth or USB tethering if those are options, but it’s always good to have options and it’d be kind of fun to see a phone share a connection over Ethernet.

Android 11 ethernet tethering

Google is aiming to launch Android 11 to the public in late Q3 2020, and so we could see more features added or tweaked by the time that release rolls around.

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