Android 11 DP2 includes notification history, ‘Require eyes’ face unlock, and ‘Quick Controls’

Android 11

We already know that today’s Android 11 Developer Preview 2 update brought improvements like a hinge angle sensor API for foldables and a 5G State API, and now that folks have installed it on their phones, even more new features have been discovered.

Android 11 DP2 Notification history

First up, a new “Notification history” page is live. As noted by Droid-Life, when you swipe down on your notification shade in Android 11 Developer Preview 2, you’ll see a “History” button on the left side of the bottom of your notifications. Tapping it will present you with a list of all of your notifications you’ve gotten.

At the top will be your recently dismissed notifications, showing you the app that produced the notification, its icon, the text that the alert showed, and the time that it came in. Scrolling down you’ll see older notifications grouped by the day that they came in.

Android 11 DP2 Require eyes to be open Face unlock

Another new feature found in Android 11 DP2 is a “Require eyes to be open” toggle for Face Unlock (via Droid-Life). We’ve been hearing about this feature since before the Pixel 4 was announced, and Google even said that it is coming in a future update.¬†

The Android 11 DP2 update also suggests that Google’s built-in screen recorder may soon gain the ability to record audio while it’s also recording your screen. XDA-Developers spotted at “Record audio” toggle when tapping the Screen Record button in Quick Settings.

Android 11 DP2 screen recording audio

Additionally, strings found in the Android 11 DP2 code suggest that you’ll be able to record sounds like music, calls, and ringtones. Recording audio with the Screen Record feature doesn’t work in Android 11 DP2, but it does look like Google is planning to enable the feature.

It also appears that Google is working on a “Quick controls” feature that’ll give you access to toggles when you bring up the power menu. Google recently added quick access to your Google Pay cards in this menu, but this feature may let you add even more controls.

Android 11 DP2 Quick Controls

This feature isn’t actually available in Android 11 DP2, but XDA-Developers member Quinny889 made an app that could connect with an in-development API and enable the feature. They were also able to add a light bulb button, and it’s been suggested that this “Quick controls” feature could eventually let you add shortcuts to control your smart home devices.

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