Android Q Beta 4 includes dark mode adjustments, ‘Face authentication’, and other changes

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Hours after Google released the Android Q Beta 4 update, some new features and improvements have already been discovered.

The Android Q Beta 4 release tweaks Google’s Dark Theme a bit, as 9to5Google notes that app action panel and power menu are now a dark shade of gray rather than being completely black like they were previously. The Google Search bar is a dark shade of gray, too, giving all three menus a unified look.

Android Q dark mode power menu

Also of note is that Android Q Beta 4 includes a hidden “Face authentication” setting. While it’s not actually working quite yet, the feature will let you require your eyes to be open to unlock your phone, sign in to apps, and authenticate payments. You’ll also be able to permanently and securely delete your face data.

One feature that was previously in Android, then removed, and is back in Android Q Beta 4 is the rotation lock button. This button is used when your phone’s rotation lock is enabled but you want to rotate the orientation without actually disabling the rotation lock, like if you want to watch a video. The button is in the lower left corner of the screen.

Another notable new feature found in the Android Q Beta 4 release is the ability to call up your payment cards using the power button. The folks at 9to5Google found that you can enable a “Show cards & passes” setting that’ll let you see the cards you’ve got stored in Google Pay by long-pressing the power button. From there you can scroll through your payment cards as well as your loyalty cards and tickets.

Android Q Cards & Passes

Other small tweaks that come with Android Q Beta 4 are four new accent colors (Cinnamon, Space, Ocean, and Orchid); an updated lock screen that moves the lock icon to the top of the display; and the return of the ability to swipe away notifications in either direction.

Android Q is still being beta tested, so it’s no surprise that Google continues to tweak things and add new features as it works toward the full Android Q release in Q3 2019. Google is planning at least a couple more beta releases before unleashing Android Q to the public, so don’t be surprised if some more adjustments are made in those impending updates.

Are you running the Android Q beta? If so, what do you think of it so far?

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