Android Q is officially Android 10, Google also reveals updated Android logo

Android 10 official

Android Q is a big milestone for Google’s mobile platform. It’s the 10th major release of the world’s most widely-used mobile OS, and to celebrate, Google is making some changes to Android’s branding.

Android 10 will be the official name of Android Q. Yep, there are no more desserts, which have been one of the major parts of a new Android release. Android 5.0 was Lollipop, Android 2.0 was Eclair, and Android 8.0 was Oreo, but Android 10 is just Android 10.

Google explains that its dessert names weren’t always understood by everyone around the globe. “For example, L and R are not distinguishable when spoken in some languages. So when some people heard us say Android Lollipop out loud, it wasn’t intuitively clear that it referred to the version after KitKat,” Google says. “It’s even harder for new Android users, who are unfamiliar with the naming convention, to understand if their phone is running the latest version.”

New Android logo official

To go along with this new naming convention, Google is updating the Android logo and brand color. The robot is a slightly different shade of green and the name “Android” is now written in black, a move Google says will make it easier to read, especially for people with visual impairments.

These are some big changes to Android and its branding. Ditching desserts might be a disappointment for some, but it does make sense that it will be easier for many people to understand which version is which, especially for those newer to the platform who may not get the whole dessert naming thing. Plus, it helps Google avoid coming up with a good dessert and matching statue for the letter Q.

What do you think of Google’s official Android 10 name and its new Android logo?

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