Android TV adding new rows to help you stay informed and entertained

Android TV COVID-19 News

With many people quarantining at home during the coronavirus pandemic, they may be looking for more ways to stay entertained and informed than before. Google today announced a few improvements to Android to help meet these consumers’ needs.

First up, there are three new rows being added to the Android TV home screen. The “COVID-19 News” row will help get you the latest info on the coronavirus from authoritative publishers and local health entities.

The “Stay Home #WithMe” row can help you stay connected and learning with videos related to cooking, live music, working, and more. And the “Free movies from YouTube” row will direct you to movies you can watch free with ads.

Android TV Google Play collections

Also coming to Android TV are new Google Play collections to help you more easily find popular apps. For example, the “Stream the shows and movies you love” row will help you find popular streaming apps, while “Play with your remote” and “Play with your gamepad” are meant to help you find new games to enjoy.

Finally, Google Search has a dedicated Watchlist tab on mobile that’s meant to help you keep track of what you want to watch. You can search “What to watch” to find personalized recommendations or search for a show or movie and then tap “Watchlist” in the preview window to add it to your list.

Google Search watchlist

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