Anker releases 24K gold-plated USB-C to Lightning cable for $99.99

Anker 24K gold USB-C to Lightning charging cable

We’ve seen a lot of luxury smartphones over the years that take a normal device, give it some gold plating, and then raise the price. And this week we’re now seeing that strategy applied to a charging cable.

Anker has launched a 24K gold-plated USB-C to Lightning cable that’s priced at $99.99. The Anker 2020 Special Edition 24K Gold version of its PowerLine+ III cable and features gold plating on both the cable heads that Anker says gives it “a design that is bold yet elegant.”

This 6-foot cable also features a black-and-gold-braided body and it offers a 35,000-bend lifepsand. The cable itself comes in a matte black box with gold lettering that says “You’re Now A Part Of Charging Royalty”, and there’s a leather-effect pouch included to store your luxury charging cable when it’s not in use.

Also of note is that this cable is MFi-certified to work with Apple’s Lightning devices and it supports fast-charging on iPhone 8 and later models when paired with an 18W or higher USB-C PD charger.

It’s definitely kind of strange to see a single 6-foot charging cable with this price tag, but as we said before, that’ll happen when you add gold-plating to gadgets. The good news for anyone that decides to purchase this cable is that Anker charging accessories are typically pretty solid. And if you’re looking for a USB-C to Lightning cable that’s a bit more affordable, Anker has quite a few of those, too.

Anker gold Lightning cable packaging

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