Apple accidentally confirms AirTags trackers in new video

Apple AirTags YouTube video

Remember those rumblings we’ve been hearing lately about AirTags, an Apple competitor to Tile? Now it looks like that product has been confirmed by Apple itself.

Apple today uploaded a a new video titled “How to erase your iPhone” to its official Apple Support channel on YouTube. That may not sound super exciting, but as the folks at Appleosophy spotted, Apple references its unannounced AirTags product during the video.

Around the 1:42 mark, Apple shows a “Find My iPhone” screen to demonstrate how to disable the Find My iPhone feature when erasing your device. And then in the the “Enable Offline Finding” section of this screen is this description:

“Offline finding enables this device and AirTags to be found when not connected to Wi-Fi or cellular.”

Apple quickly made the video private, but we managed to grab a screenshot of the AirTags reference before it did.

Details on Apple’s AirTags tracker are still light, it’s expected that they’ll operate like Tile trackers and let you attach them to important items like a backpack, purse, or set of keys and then help you locate those items if you misplace them. We’ve heard previously that AirTags could have a removable battery, possibly like a watch battery since it’ll likely be a small device.

It’s unclear when AirTags might launch, but now that references to it are accidentally appearing in Apple-made YouTube videos, an official announcement could be close.

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