Apple and Google team up to fight the spread of the coronavirus

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Apple and Google are two of the biggest companies in the world and now they’ve partnered up to fight the coronavirus.

Apple and Google announced today that they’re working on a new initiative to use Bluetooth to help governments and health agencies reduce the spread of the coronavirus, aka COVID-19. This system will utilize APIs that enable interoperability between iOS and Android devices as well as a Bluetooth-based contact tracing platform.

In May, both companies will launch the API’s that’ll enable interoperability between Android and iOS devices with apps from public health authorities.

Then in the coming months, Apple and Google will enable a broader Bluetooth-based contact tracing platform that’ll be built into their underlying platforms. This system will be more robust than an API and will enable more people to participate if they choose to do so, plus enable interaction with a broader range of apps and government health authorities.

The two companies pledge that “maintaining user privacy is an essential requirement” in the design of their coronavirus contact tracing tool. The Bluetooth spec does not require the user’s location, and users must provide explicit consent in order for their location to be optionally used.¬†

Additionally, Apple and Google say that the Rolling Proximity Identifiers that’ll be used by this tech change on average every 15 minutes, and the companies say that this makes it unlikely that user location can be tracking via Bluetooth over time.

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