Apple expanding Express storefronts for safer order pickups and technical support

Apple Express store

With the launch of new iPhone models and the holiday season, the next few months are going to be busy for Apple. To help get its devices into customers’ hands, Apple is expanding a new Express store format.

Apple is planning to grow the number of Express storefronts it offers, boosting it from around 20 stores to 50 across the US and Europe by the end of the month. As noted by Reuters, this Express store format allows Apple to pick up orders placed online or get technical support in parts of the country where the pandemic might otherwise force Apple to close its store.

These Apple Express stores have a wall built in front of the main store with sales counters covered by plexiglass. There are also some shelves with accessories like cases and AirPods. Customers can visit an Apple Express location to pick up an online order or make an appointment to get technical support.

At the top of this post is a photo of an Apple Express store in Burlingame, CA, which was shared by POPVOX co-founder and CEO Marci Harris.

Apple Stores normally have big crowds of people shopping and trying out all of Apple’s devices. That’s not really possible with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, and this year we’ve seen Apple re-open some of its retail stores only to close them up again when infections spike in a particular part of the country.

The Express storefronts allow Apple customers to buy products online and get them more quickly rather than waiting for them to be shipped. The same is true for customers who need technical support. Rather than being forced to ship their device to Apple and then have it shipped back, they may be able to safely get technical help in-person from an Apple expert.

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