Apple releases iOS 13.6 beta 3 update to developers

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The update to iOS 14 may be the new hotness right now, but Apple is also prepping a new iOS 13 update and today it released a new beta version for it.

iOS 13.6 beta 3 and iPadOS 13.6 beta 3 are now available to developers (via MacRumors). If you’ve registered with Apple as a dev, you can get this update over the air or through the Apple Developer Center.

You may not expect much from a new iOS 13 update just months before iOS 14 launches, but Apple has packed a handful of new goodies into iOS 13.6. Support for CarKey is included, which is a feature that’ll be available in both iOS 13 and iOS 14 and will let you unlock a car that supports it using NFC.

Also new is a Symptoms feature in the Health app. With it, you can add symptoms that you’ve been feeling and share them with your doctor.

iOS 13.6 gives users a bit more control over software updates. With this update, there are now separate toggles for automatically downloading new iOS updates over Wi-Fi and automatically installing updates overnight after they’ve been downloaded. Currently you can only disable the install feature, so this update will let you decide if you want updates to automatically download over Wi-Fi or not.

iOS 13.6 customize software updates

Code suggests that Apple is working on a new Apple News+ Audio feature with iOS 13.6, too. Details on this service are light, but it’s expected that it will offer audio versions of some news stories and a recap of the day’s biggest stories.

Apple hasn’t said when the update to iOS 13.6 will roll out to the public. We typically see 4-6 beta releases before an update launches, so it could be another few weeks before iOS 13.6 is available to everyone.

Also launched today is watchOS 6.2.8 beta 3 for the Apple Watch (via MacRumors). Aside from CarKey support, there haven’t been any major new features found in this update, suggesting it focuses more on under-the-hood performance improvements and bug fixes.

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