Apple says 92% of recent iPhone models are running iOS 13

At the start of 2020 Apple gave us an update on iOS 13 adoption, saying that its latest mobile operating system was on 77% of recent iPhone models. Today we got an update on that figure.

Apple reports that iOS 13 is now on 92% of iPhones introduced in the last 4 years. A total of 7% of those devices are on iOS 12, while the remaining 2% are on earlier versions.

When you expand the pool to include every iPhone in use right now, 81% of them are on iOS 13. There are 13% of those devices running iOS 12 and 6% on an earlier version of iOS.

Those adoption numbers of similar for the iPad. Apple says that a total of 93% of iPad devices released in the last four years are on iPadOS while 5% of those recent iPads are on iOS 12 and 1% are on an earlier version of iOS.

Of all iPads out there, 73% are running iPadOS, 16% are on iOS 12, and 11% are running an earlier version of iOS.

All of these figures were measured on June 17, 2020. 

This information is interesting for us to look at, but it’s also helpful for developers to know what software their users are on and which versions of iOS and iPadOS they should target. For example, once the user base on an older version of iOS gets small enough, a developer could stop supporting it, which could let them then use that time to focus on other things like adding new features to their app.

iOS 13, iPadOS adoption June 2020

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