Apple’s AirPods Pro updated to firmware version 2D27

AirPods Pro earbuds

Apple today began rolling out another new AirPods Pro firmware update.

The new firmware is version 2D27, up from version 2D15 that was released last month¬†(via MacRumors). Apple hasn’t officially announced what’s new in this update, but it could bring improved Active Noise Cancellation as some AirPods Pro owners have complained about problems with that feature. Other bug fixes and performance improvements may also be included.

While you can’t manually request this new firmware like you can an iOS update, you can try to pull it by putting your AirPods Pro in a case, connecting them to power, and pairing them to an iPhone or iPad.

To see which firmware your AirPods Pro are on, connect them to your iOS device and then launch the Settings app. From there, select General > About > AirPods and scroll to the “Firmware Version” section.

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