Apple’s iPadOS adds mouse support for iPad

iPadOS brings with it improvements for touch (new text selection and an undo gesture) and the Apple Pencil (lower latency), but it turns out there’s news on another input method with this update.

It’s been discovered that the update to iPadOS includes mouse support. There’s support for Pointing Devices inside the Accessibility section of iPadOS settings, and as the video from developer Steve Troughton-Smith shows, you can customize what the buttons of your mouse do.

This feature works with USB mice, so iPad Pro owners should be able to plug a USB-C mouse into their tablet and go. The feature also works with a Magic Trackpad.

With this feature enabled, you don’t get a mouse cursor like you might expect. Instead, your pointer is round target shape. That’s not a huge surprise, though, considering that this is an accessibility feature and not just a “Hey, the iPad has mouse support now” feature. Still, this is a nice little addition to an update meant to make the iPad into more of a full-on computer, and we’re betting a lot of folks will enable it when iPadOS ships to the public this fall.

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