Are you going to wait for the second-generation Microsoft Surface Duo?

Microsoft Surface Duo open

Microsoft Surface Duo reviews arrived last week. Microsoft has been working on this device for quite some time, and now the dual-screen handset is¬†officially out there in the wild. If you’ve been even remotely interested in this handset, and if you already ordered one, you’ve probably watched the reviews and first impressions. The takeaways are certainly noteworthy.

I’m not sure anyone who has been watching the leaks of the Surface Duo, especially regarding the hardware and specs, are all that surprised by anything. The physical design of the Surface Duo is fantastic, and it’s a well-built device. That hinge is superb, and with such a great jumping off point the next Surface Duo is already something to look forward to.

But then things get rocky, and we’re reminded (almost aggressively, depending on the bugs you run into) that this is a first-generation device. The software experience, based on the reviews, is pretty rocky to say the least. And many people have said that trying to take a picture or video almost doesn’t seem worth the hassle of trying to get it to work properly.

That bit about taking pictures is a dealbreaker for me, full stop.

There are some issues, yes, but the hardware and the possibilities make the Surface Duo something to keep an eye on. Maybe not so much in this generation, but definitely in the next. Microsoft appears to be on to something here, and hopefully the company can build upon this, and Google can help out with the Android software in areas where it would be greatly appreciated so future generations really stand out in all the right ways.

I know a couple of people who picked up a Surface Duo already. One of them is relatively happy with the experience so far, while the other is not. And that feels about par for the course with something like this. Which is why I’m curious: are you waiting for the second-generation Surface Duo? Or are you going all-in with Microsoft’s first attempt at a dual-screen device? Let me know!

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