Are you happy with your AirPods Pro?

Apple AirPods Pro

Differentiating a product lineup is an important way to keep things interesting, but also broaden the potential customer base. Not every customer is looking for the same thing when they’re looking for truly wireless headphones, for instance. And some customers have different needs in things like design, which may mean some products just aren’t a possibility in their current form.

Take AirPods and AirPods Pro, for instance.

I’ve been using Apple’s wired headphones for years and, honestly, until someone brought it up to me in person many, many years ago I never even thought about the fact they may not fit in everyone’s ears. They have always just been so snug for me I had never put any thought into it. So while that person liked EarPods just fine, they couldn’t actually use them which meant they had to find alternatives (which, of course, was not hard).

The same can be said for AirPods, which share the same general design as the EarPods. I know a few people who have had to go with Beats-branded headphones (or other brands) because the AirPods just don’t fit right. While others have opted to go with different models because they were looking for headphones that work better for working out/exercising. Not every customer is looking for the same thing, so companies like Apple, Samsung, and others have to create options.

That usually means a “Pro” tag stuck onto the brand, and a price hike. AirPods, for instance, without a wireless charging case are priced at $159. Want a charging case that supports wireless charging? You’ll need to fork over $199. And if you want the AirPods Pro, which feature better sound quality, a different design with various ear tips that can fit a wider range of ears, and a wireless charging case you’ll need to pay $249.

I’ve been using AirPods since they launched, and I love them. And I thought I’d be all-in with the AirPods Pro option, too, but I just haven’t seemed to actually go through with a purchase yet. Price probably plays a role, but so does the design. I’m not a huge fan of the ear tips — even if they are a requirement for the design and features the AirPods Pro offer.

But that may change later this year when iOS 14 launches. Apple is adding support for spatial audio with the AirPods Pro, which will bring a “theater-like” experience to the truly wireless headphones. With dynamic head tracking it will make sure that the digital surround sound still sounds great, even as you do normal every day things. This is one of those iOS 14 features I’m looking forward to most, which means I’ll need to upgrade my headphones later this year if I actually want to take advantage of it.

Before that happens, though, I wanted to find out from the AirPods Pro owners out there in the wild. Are you happy with your headphones? Are they comfortable for you? And how do they compare, fit and comfort wise, to the standard AirPods? Let me know!

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