AT&T Prepaid and Cricket giving customers extra data, rolling out $15 plan

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We’ve seen lots of carriers respond to the coronavirus outbreak by helping customers with waived late fees, extra data, and other actions, and today AT&T announced the steps it’s taking to aid its prepaid customers.

Starting tomorrow, March 27th, AT&T Prepaid and Cricket Wireless will begin offering a $15 plan with unlimited talk and text as well as 2GB of data. After you use that 2GB, you’ll have slower data speeds for the remainder of that billing cycle.

This $15 plan will be available to both new and existing customers with no activation fee.

New and current customers will also get 10GB of extra data for 60 days. On Cricket, customers with $30/2GB and $40/5GB capped plans will automatically get an extra 10GB of data for two billing cycles that can be used for mobile hotspot or the smartphone. AT&T Prepaid customers with capped plans will automatically get 10GB for 60 days, too.

Customers on unlimited plans are automatically getting extra data, too. Cricket customers on the $55 unlimited plan without mobile hotspot will get 10GB of data for hotspot use, while customers on the $60 unlimited plan with 15GB of mobile hotspot will get an additional 10GB of hotspot data. Both plans will get the extra data for two billing cycles.

Folks on AT&T Prepaid with the Unlimited Plus plan will receive 10GB of extra tethering data per month for 60 days.

Many people rely on their smartphone to stay connected to loved ones and the world, and so it’s good to see AT&T and Cricket offering extra data and a low-cost plan to prepaid customers. While lots of folks may have Wi-Fi at home while they’re self-isolating, some people may not, and so now those people on AT&T and Cricket prepaid plans will have some extra data to help them stay connected.

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