AT&T raising administrative fee again, this time to $1.99

AT&T had an administrative fee of $0.76 per line per month until recently. This fee was described by AT&T as a fee to cover various cell site rents and maintenance as well as fees to connect between other carriers.

Back in March, the company raised this fee by $0.54, making it $1.30. This was a significant increase, but it wasn’t a huge price difference for customers on their monthly bill. However, AT&T is once again raising the fee to $1.99. The fee has officially tripled in six months. Now you’ll be paying $24 a year per line.

Though this doesn’t sound like a big increase, it’ll net AT&T almost a billion dollars of additional revenue per year. You could look at this two ways. The extra money could be used to improve coverage and service as well as cover rising business costs. Of course you could also see it as a money grab, since customers have to pay this fee no matter the plan you have.

If you’re an AT&T customer, expect your bill to go up slightly.

SOURCE: Android and Me – Read entire story here.

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