AT&T TV is another streaming service that’s increased its prices

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We’ve already seen streaming video services like YouTube TV and FuboTV confirm price hikes this week, and now it looks like yet another service has increased prices.

AT&T TV appears to have quietly increased the prices on its plans sometime in the past week or so. There doesn’t appear to be any official announcement about the change, but Droid-Life noticed that all three of AT&T TV’s streaming plans are now $10 more than they were just a few days ago:

  • Entertainment Package: Was $49.99 per month, now $59.99
  • Choice Package: Was $54.99 per month, now $64.99
  • Xtra Package: Was $64.99 per month, now $74.99

Those price hikes aren’t the only change AT&T TV made to its plans this week. The service previously offered a free year of HBO Max with all three of its plans, but now the lowest-cost Entertainment Package no longer includes that perk. Only the pricier Choice and Xtra Packages come with one free year of HBO Max.

One other detail to note is that AT&T TV customers sign a 24-month contract when they get service and that the prices they see today will only apply for the first 12 months. “Prices higher in 2nd year”, the fine print for each streaming plan states.

These changes come just four months after AT&T TV first launched. Most every streaming service increases its prices every now and then, but seeing several of them roll out price hikes all in the span of a week is sure to be frustrating to some consumers. 

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