Based on the rumors alone, are you planning to upgrade to the Google Pixel 5?

Google Pixel 5 green leak

We are only two days away from Google announcing the newest Pixel smartphones. The company’s already given the world the Pixel 4a earlier this year, and that was a pretty solid handset for the price. And now Google may repeat the process, with both the Pixel 5 and Pixel 4a 5G coming down the pipe.

But, will either the Pixel 5 or Pixel 4a 5G be the Pixel smartphones that really sell?

Google hasn’t found the popularity enjoyed by Samsung, and some other Android smartphone manufacturers, with the Pixel lineup. Not that that has always been Google’s goal, of course. What started as a smartphone to really show off Android’s power and features with the Nexus lineup, slowly evolved into a more consumer-friendly effort. Now, the Pixel smartphones are all about photography more than anything else, really — and that’s not a bad thing.

Especially since you can pick up a Pixel 4a, with a great camera, for just $349.

The Pixel 5 is said to be a handset that will feel more like one of those “flagship killer” phones rather than a flagship handset itself. By that I mean the Pixel 5 will feature some top-end specs, but it will also scale back in some areas — like the processor — to help reduce cost. There’s absolutely¬†nothing wrong with that, and Google may be on to something here.

And that’s really what I’m curious about, just a couple of days away from the official announcement of the Pixel 5. Based on the rumored specifications we’ve heard so far, are you already planning on making the Pixel 5 your next daily driver? And if so, what about the new smartphone from Google won you over? Is the rumored $700 price one of the deciding factors? Let me know!

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