Benefits of Text Messaging in Cellular Phones

Benefits of Text Messaging in Cellular Phones

“pls. let’s meet nw. wana c u coz I mis u so mch… tc.” This is just one typical line of what is a text message or SMS (short message service).

These days, it is one of the most liked features of the mobile phones. People from all ages especially the teenagers really like it. They consider it as the most convenient and the cheapest form of keeping in touch with the people around them. Mobile phone networks have been taking advantage of the tremendous support and patronage shown by the SMS population.

This SMS culture is not only true in a corner of the world but worldwide. It is these 160 characters that could be sent and received from one mobile phone to another which makes the world seem smaller these days. Text messaging keep family ties firm, cross distances, save friendships, deliver emergencies, campaign information… and the list goes on.

These benefits are not everything. Text messaging is also valuable to our disabled brothers and sisters around the globe. There are claims about the negative effects of text messaging like the erroneous spelling it uses. In text messaging, people use a very rare “lingo”. This is to save the number of characters. Despite these negative effects, the benefits are still undeniable.

Generally, it keeps a person updated and informed since you can carry a light device anywhere you go. For the deaf, it gives them that sense of independence and freedom. It provides them a way from the linguistic and geographic barriers. They are able to be like the common people when it comes to communicating with the people they want to keep in touch with.

As for the Birmingham Institute for the Deaf in UK, “text messaging provides them with a potentially life-saving tool to report crimes. Since 98% of the hearing impaired in the United Kingdom uses text messaging. A British police department adopted text messaging as a method of reporting crimes for the deaf community. Stations in the United States are now beginning to adopt similar practices.”

With these reasons, SMS appears to be a very beneficial innovation in these modern times. We just hope that it will not be use for abusive practices that may be a threat to the world. These benefits are things we must be thankful for.

With man’s power of the mind, innovative ideas turn out to be solutions that lead to a better, more convenient life. We do not have to run miles at all, wait for weeks, venture on messages in bottles, we have the messages right on our fingertips. In the future, SMS would grow into a more complex level but let us keep its objectives neat.

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