Boost Mobile rolls out new plans starting at $10 per month

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Last month Boost Mobile brought back its $hrink-It! plan that offers 15GB of data and reduced pricing after consecutive monthly payments. If you don’t need quite that much data, Boost Mobile has now launched a few new plans with less data and a lower price.

The Dish-owned Boost Mobile now offers five plans under $50, all of which include unlimited talk and text and mobile hotspot usage. There’s a $35 plan with 10GB of data per month and a $25 plan with 5GB of data that’s for new customers only. Also launched today is a $15/2GB plan and $10/1GB plan, both of which are only available to new in-store customers.

If you sign up for one of these plans but find that you need an extra data boost one month, you can add 1GB of high-speed data for $5 or 2GB for $10.

Boost Mobile’s plan lineup also includes the aforementioned $hrink-It! plan that starts at $45 per month for 15GB of high-speed data. After three on-time payments your price will drop by $5, and then it’ll drop by another $5 after six total on-time payments.

Rounding out Boost’s lineup is a $50 plan that offers unlimited talk, text, and data; 35GB of high-speed data; mobile hotspot usage; and unlimited SD video streaming. There’s also a $60 plan with that gets you unlimited HD video streaming.

All of these rate plans are now available from Boost Mobile.

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