Cardinal Red Galaxy S10 and S10+ now official

The rumors were true: Samsung is giving the Galaxy S10 and S10+ a red hot new color options.

The Galaxy S10 and S10+ are now available in Cardinal Red. The color option is currently available from Samsung in Switzerland in the 8GB/128GB versions of both phones. Aside from the paint job, nothing about the Cardinal Red S10 or S10+ is different from the other phones, including the price.

The Cardinal Red versions of the Galaxy S10 and S10+ feature a bright red hue on their backsides that wrap around to the top, bottom, and sides. The bezels around the screen remain black.

There’s no Cardinal Red version of the Galaxy S10e available from Samsung’s Swiss site, but rumors have claimed that such a model is coming, so we may see it soon.

Samsung hasn’t said how widely available the Cardinal Red Galaxy S10 and S10+ models will be, so it’s unclear how many people will get a chance at these devices. We have seen Samsung limit certain phone models’ availability in the past, like the Burgundy Red Galaxy S9 that was only sold in Korea and China, but hopefully the Cardinal Red S10 and S10+ are more widely available because they look pretty darn great.

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