Certain Huawei devices displaying ads on users’ lockscreen


This just in! After its troubles with the U.S., Huawei has started displaying ads on the lockscreens of certain devices.

The report comes from Android Police, who reported that users complained about seeing ads from Booking.com suddenly appearing on their phones. 9to5Google commented that the issue seems to be affecting a number of Huawei devices and that the phone manufacturer slipped these devices into the Magazine Unlock feature of the phone. With this feature setup, users experience a rotating set of images on their lockscreen. Every time they unlock their device, a new photo appears.

The issue seems to be affecting Huawei devices in the UK, Ireland, the Netherlands, South Africa, Germany, and Norway.

Both Booking.com and Huawei have been contacted for an explanation on what has happened. Neither company has responded yet. Huawei’s German Twitter account, however, has responded to one user and apologized for the issue. The account says “I’m sorry that you think we want to advertise.” The account also advised users how they could deactivate the ad: swipe up from bottom and click on the gearwheel symbol. Some Reddit users also shared their tips to deactivate the ad by deleting the individual image. There are also some that suggest changing the lockscreen image into one that is not part of your phone’s default selection to help get rid of the ad.


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