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There are different types of cell phones available in the market today. Different models have different features in them. It is not right to imagine that a person who buys a cell phone will have use for all the features available in it.

Similarly a person should not buy the phone’s accessories just because it looks good or because there is a craze for it. A person must buy the cell phone which fulfils his requirements and buy only those accessories which can help run the applications on his cell phone to fulfill these requirements.

This process of choosing which features you require on your cell phone and choosing the right type of accessories to run the application you need is called customization or personalization. There are a wide range of accessories available in the market today. In order to meet all his requirements, it is sufficient if the right accessories can be combined with the right type of cell phone.

Now we shall discuss some of the customizations that can be made in a cell phone. The person must being a cell phone on which the required customizations can be made to turn it into the cell phone he wishes for.

For instance, if the person wants to install his old ring tones, the cell phone should be capability of downloading new ring tones, adding and changing ring tones. A cell phone with video and download capabilities will enable the user to download and change themes, screensavers and logos.

Here the main point is that a cell phone user must not start accessing internet on his cell phone just because it has that feature. On the contrary, he must buy that phone only if he wishes to access internet on it.

People today are making all sorts of changes to their cell phones in order to make it look distinct and give it a discrete look and feel. Other accessories that can be replaced to get a new feel of your cell phone are faceplates, covers, etc. Customizing their cell phones gives a feeling of satisfaction to the cell phone owners.

The various cell phone accessories manufacturing companies have become aware of this fact. There are offering a number of bargains and offers to tempt the people to buy additional accessories for their mobile phones from their company. These accessories also help the user to obtain full utilization of his cell phone.

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