Dark Sky delays Android app shutdown by 1 month

Dark Sky icon

Remember a few months ago when Apple purchased the popular weather app Dark Sky? At the time, we were told the Android version of Dark Sky would be shut down on July 1st, but now it looks like Android users are getting a bit longer with the app.

Dark Sky said today that its Android app will continue working through August 1st. However, the app doesn’t appear to be available in the Play Store anymore, so you’ll have to have downloaded it before if you want to keep using it.

Once August 1st rolls around, the Android version of Dark Sky will be shut down and subscribers who are active at the time will get a full refund.

Weather forecasts, maps, and embeds from the Dark Sky website will be shut down on August 1st, too.

This news is good for Android users of Dark Sky because not only do they get another month with their current weather app, but it also gives them some more time to find a good replacement for when the Android version of Dark Sky does finally shut down. Are you using Dark Sky?

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