Dish Network acquires Ting Mobile and its customers

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It was only one month ago that Dish Network entered the US wireless market by acquiring Boost Mobile from T-Mobile, but the new carrier is already making another big deal.

Dish has acquired Ting Mobile, an MVNO owned by the company Tucows. As of August 1, most of Ting Mobile’s customers became customers of Dish, and those subscribers are free to continue using their same phones and their same rate plans. These customers will have access to the T-Mobile network because of Dish’s network-sharing deal with T-Mo.

This deal also includes Tucows, Ting’s previous owner, becoming a technology partner with Dish. This partnership will see Tucows providing its technology platform to Dish Wireless which will help power things like billing and activation for Dish.

This is a significant deal for Dish Network as it enters the US wireless market. Not only is it getting some more customers that previously used Ting Mobile, but it’s also getting that technology platform from Tucows for things like billing and activations, which are pretty important for a wireless carrier. Tucows has experience with handling all of that and managing a carrier in the US, which is good news for the new Dish Wireless.

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