Do You Rely Too Much On Your Phone?

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As technology develops to service a market hungry for the next innovation, there are always going to be people who are so struck by the brilliance of the new technology that they come to see it as a human need as important as oxygen, food or water.

People develop addictions to technology which may not be seen as serious by everyone, but to some can be extremely debilitating.

As a caveat, it is important to state that a cell phone addiction is not, in terms of physiological impact, as serious as addiction to heroin or nicotine or any other “controlled” substance.

The effects of those on the body of the user have been proven over time. While some people will get irritable and panicky if separated from their cell phone, it is not the same thing at all.

However, this notwithstanding, obsessive mobile phone use does happen and it does cause problems.

There are endless stories of people who run up huge cell phone bills because they are compulsively sending text messages, making calls and paying for ringtones for their phone.

Others cannot bear to be without the latest model and will spend every spare penny they have on upgrades.

While it may not be as serious as an addiction to hard drugs, cell phone dependence is not something that should be allowed to go unchecked.

There are some situations where it is downright inappropriate to be on a cell phone, and when someone is stealing to fund their dependence it is as close to drug addiction as to make little difference.

It is wise to limit cell phone use by whatever means are required.

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