Do you stick with Pixel phones for the updates?

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Android has a lot of strengths. Those elements have helped Google’s mobile operating system catapult to the most used OS on the planet, trailed by iOS as the second most dominant platform out there. Android has a lot to offer for folks that like the mobile OS, but it’s also safe to say that there’s at least one major weak point.


We see it on a yearly basis. Every time Google releases another major update for the platform, we know that there are a lot of phones out there that aren’t going to get that software at all. Some companies are worse than others. Even relatively newer phones aren’t necessarily guaranteed to get the latest version of Android.

Some manufacturers try to assuage potential buyers by telling them ahead of time that they’ll get so many years of Android updates and so many years of security updates. Whether or not that actually matters will come down to the individual, and one update might be more important than the other to different people. (Some folks might want the newer version of Android more than they care about a security update, and vice versa.)

Nokia was actually just named as one of the best companies out there to provide Android updates, which is awesome news. And now we’ll get to see how well the company does with Android 10.

Google is starting things off today. The latest version of the mobile operating system just arrived for Google’s Pixel smartphone lineup, as was expected.

This isn’t just an Android thing, of course. One of the biggest selling points of the iPhone lineup, and Apple products in general for the most part, is knowing that software updates aren’t going to just drop off the radar a few years after the device’s launch. That’s a potentially powerful selling point for the right person.

Now that the newest version of Android is officially available, at least for a small number of customers out there in the wild outside of beta, I have to wonder: do you keep with the Pixel family to make sure you have the latest and greatest software on your phone?

Let me know if you’ve decided to make the Pixel lineup your go-to for your Android smartphone because of the software updates, or if you’ve chosen to ignore updates for the most part and opt for a different company’s Android phones over the years.

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