Evidence in iOS 13.5.5 shows Apple still working on services bundle

We’ve been hearing for nearly a year now that Apple is working on a bundle for its various subscription services, and now a new leak has confirmed that that’s still in the works.

Apple released its first beta for iOS 13.5.5 this week, and inside there’s some code that refers to bundles. These internal files include references to things like a “bundle offer” and a “bundle subscription”, and 9to5Mac points out that these were not in previous versions of iOS.

While there’s no direct mention of services like Apple Music or Apple News, these references are related to the management system for Apple’s services subscriptions like Apple News+. That suggests that they’re related to a discounted bundle of Apple services.

Apple offers services like Apple Music, Apple News+, and Apple TV+, and a discounted bundle of those could convince some consumers to sign up for Apple’s services over competing options. Getting a discounted bundle could also make those who do sign up for it want to stick with Apple services in the future since they’re saving some cash.

There’s still quite a bit we don’t know about Apple’s plans for a services bundle, though, including how much it’ll cost and when it might launch. Separately, Apple’s three services would cost $25 per month for a single person or $30 with a family. If Apple were to offer a bundle, it seems likely that it’d offer some kind of discount to entice people to sign up.

A report from late last year suggested that Apple could launch a services bundle as soon as 2020, but it’s not clear now if that’s still the case.

Would you sign up for a bundle of Apple Music, News+, and TV+ if it were offered at a discounted price?

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