Facebook adding Quiet Mode to its mobile app

Facebook Quiet Mode

The newest feature being added to Facebook’s app can silence notifications for those times when you need to focus or you don’t want to be distracted by the app.

Called Quiet Mode, the feature will mute most push notifications from the Facebook app. And if you try to open Facebook’s app while Quiet Mode is enabled, you’ll see a splash screen reminding you how much time is left in your current Quiet Mode session.

You can enable Quiet Mode by tapping the hamburger Menu button in the app and then selecting the “Your time on Facebook” section. When turning on Quiet Mode, you can choose for it to be activated for a certain amount of time or on a set schedule.

Quiet Mode is part of Facebook’s effort to help you better understand how you use your phone and manage your time online, especially as many of us are adjusting to working from home and self-isolating. By enabling Quiet Mode, you can silence notifications from the app and focus more on other things.

Facebook’s new Quiet Mode is now rolling out, but it may take some time before it’s available on your device.

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