Facebook app’s dark mode is being tested by users

We’ve been hearing that Facebook was working on a dark mode for its main app for nearly a year now, but it looks like the feature is finally almost ready for launch.

Facebook is currently testing a dark mode for its main app. Images that show a Facebook dark mode running on iOS surfaced on Twitter this week, and the company confirmed to Social Media Today (via Engadget) that it’s testing dark mode with “a small percentage of users globally right now.” It didn’t give any indication about when dark mode might roll out more widely.

As for what it looks like, the app features varying dark shades of gray with some blue accents here and there, like on the bottom navigation bar to indicate which part of the app that you’re currently in.

We’ve already seen several other Facebook-owned apps get dark modes, including Instagram, WhatsApp, and Messenger. Even the desktop version of Facebook has a dark mode now. There are probably some folks out there who are frustrated that it’s taking so long for the main Facebook app to get a dark mode of its own, but considering how huge Facebook is and how many people use its Android and iOS apps, the company likely wants to get its dark mode just right before rolling the feature out to all of those people.

Now that Facebook’s dark mode is in testing with regular users, the full rollout may be getting close. Once Facebook does push dark mode to everyone, will you use it?

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