Facebook for Android dark mode shown off in new screenshots

Facebook app Android

We’ve seen quite a few high-profile apps add a dark mode, including Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and Messenger. One app that’s still without a dark mode is Facebook, but that might finally change soon.

New images have surfaced that show Facebook for Android running in dark mode. The folks at 9to5Google were able to get the feature working, showing that Facebook’s dark mode will be mostly dark gray with some blue accents for the tabs at the top of the app.

Facebook dark mode screenshots Android app

The News Feed, search, and settings of the Facebook app are all darkened, and it’s said that this is a stable version of dark mode for Facebook’s app. We can also see a toggle in the app’s settings for dark mode that’ll let you manually turn it on and off or have the app follow your phone’s system settings for dark mode.

Today’s report also shows that Facebook is working on a tracking feature for local coronavirus cases as well as an updated look for the “Time on Facebook” feature that tracks how much you use the Facebook app every week.

Unfortunately, there’s still no word on when any of these features will actually roll out to the public. The dark mode looks pretty complete in the screenshots that we’ve seen today, especially compared to the Facebook dark mode leak that we saw last year. Now that both Android and iOS have system-wide dark modes built-in and many other major apps have already added dark mode, hopefully Facebook’s version will finally roll out soon.

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