Facebook Lasso, its TikTok competitor, shutting down July 10th

Facebook Lasso app features

Remember Facebook Lasso? This short video app launched in late 2018 as Facebook’s answer to TikTok, but it looks like the app is being killed off before it can reach its first birthday.

Facebook Lasso is shutting down on July 10th. Facebook sent a notification about the news to Lasso users this week, as noted by CNN‘s Kerry Flynn, adding that users can save their videos if they’d like before the app goes dark.

If you used Facebook Lasso and you’ve got any masterpieces that you want to save forever, just click on the video, tap the curved arrow share button, scroll to the right, and click “Save”.

The app is still listed on the Android and iOS app stores if you want to check it out before it shuts down.

Facebook has a history of launching new apps to see what works and killing off the ones that don’t take off. We’ve seen a couple of these experimental apps launch in just the last few months: Tuned is a private app for couples to communicate and CatchUp is meant to make it clear to friends and family when you’re available to chat on a call.

With the huge popularity of TikTok lately, it’s no surprise that Facebook tried its hand a making a similar app. Lasso never really seemed to gain much traction with consumers in the months following its launch, though. Plus, Facebook has another TikTok competitor called Instagram Reels that it can focus on, and TechCrunch notes that that app recently expanded to France and Germany following its launch in Brazil last year. So perhaps Facebook is having better luck with Reels than it did with Lasso.

Did you ever try Facebook Lasso?

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