Facebook launches Tuned, an app that’s a ‘private space’ for couples

Facebook Tuned app features

We’ve seen Facebook experiment with totally new apps quite a bit in the past, and today the newest experimental app from Facebook has launched.

Tuned is a new iOS app from Facebook’s New Product Experimentation team. The app is meant to be a private space just for you and your significant other, letting you send each other notes, photos, and voice memos as well as custom stickers and reactions.¬†

You can also set your mood in the app so your partner can see how you’re feeling at a glance. And if you connect your Spotify account in the app, you can share songs and playlists with each other.

Everything in Tuned is shown in a scrapbook-style feed that’s private to you and your significant other.

Facebook has told The Information that it released the Tuned app under the NPE Team apps brand so it can “set the appropriate expectations with users that NPE Team apps will change very rapidly and may be shut down if we learn that they’re not useful to people.”

With Tuned and its NPE Team apps, Facebook appears to be testing out new ideas it has that it wants to see how users react to without building them into the main Facebook app. The regular Facebook app is hugely popular, and so rather than put some new features that it wants to experiment with into that app, Facebook can use this NPE Team to roll out new apps and features, tweak them quickly, and get rid of them altogether without making as big a deal as if it were using the main Facebook app.

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