Facebook SDK causing apps like Spotify and Tinder to crash on iOS

iPhone XS Max

Remember a couple of months ago when a Facebook SDK problem caused several popular iOS apps to crash? Well, it looks like the same thing happened again today.

Many iOS users complained this morning of crashing problems with popular apps like Spotify, Tinder, Waze, and Pinterest. Facebook acknowledged the issue on its developer site, saying that it was “investigating an increase in errors on the iOS SDK which is causing some apps to crash.”

The good news is that the issue already appears to be already resolving, as some people say that their affected apps are starting to work again. Spotify said earlier today that it was “aware of some issues”, but the company just tweeted that now “everything’s back in tune”.

While Facebook hasn’t gone into detail about what’s causing today’s issues, it’s likely that it’s related to Facebook’s SDK that’s used for signing in to affected apps using your Facebook account, which is the same cause of this problem a couple months ago. What’s worse is that the bug was affecting people even if they didn’t use Facebook to log into the affected apps.

Did you have any issues with major iOS apps like Spotify, Tinder, or Pinterest this morning?

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