Galaxy Buds Live leaked by Samsung’s own app

The Galaxy Buds Live are one of the devices that Samsung is expected to announce during its August 5 event, but it looks like the company has accidentally confirmed two weeks early.

A new Galaxy Buds Live Plugin app has appeared on the Play Store. Made by Samsung, this is a plugin app for the main Galaxy Wearable app that lets you access things like device settings for the Galaxy Buds Live on your paired smartphone.

This new app is notable because it confirms a few details about Samsung’s upcoming truly wireless earbuds. Both the name and the bean-like design of the Galaxy Buds Live are shown in the app screenshots, as is the fact that they’ll have active noise canceling.

Galaxy Buds Live app screenshots

The app also confirms that the Galaxy Buds Live will have a touchpad that’ll let you perform actions, like tapping to play or pause your current track. There’s a Find my Earbuds feature that’ll make them beep loudly, too.

This actually isn’t the first time that Samsung has accidentally leaked its new truly wireless earbuds before their announcement. A very similar incident happened earlier this year, with Samsung’s Galaxy Buds+ app for iPhone being published in the App Store a week before the earbuds were officially announced.

Galaxy Buds Live app leak

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