Galaxy Fold Lite may launch in 2021 with $900 price tag

Samsung Galaxy Fold video

Last month we heard rumblings that Samsung may be prepping a more affordable version of the Galaxy Fold, and now some more details on this “Lite” foldable’s availability may have leaked.

Samsung is reportedly planning to launch its Galaxy Fold Lite in 2021. That’s according to South Korea’s Bridge Economic Newspaper (via SamMobile) and The Korea Herald. That may be disappointing news for anyone waiting for a lower-cost foldable, but there is some good news to be had today, too.

The good news is that this Galaxy Fold Lite is expected to be quite a bit cheaper than the original Galaxy Fold, which cost $1,980. Instead, the Galaxy Fold Lite could arrive with a price tag of around $900.

To achieve that lower price, Samsung would obviously have to make some sacrifices. Past rumors have said that this lower-cost Galaxy Fold model could skip the Ultra Thin Glass material used on the Galaxy Z Flip and that it could also have a smaller outer display. It’s likely that 5G wouldn’t be included, either.

Despite those changes, a $900 foldable phone could be attractive to some folks. One of the main draws of a foldable phone is that it gives you a big screen when you need it and the ability to fold that screen up to have a smaller overall size when you don’t. And so long as this Samsung Galaxy Fold Lite offers a big foldable display, it could be a nice first foldable for a lot of people.

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