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It sounds weird to say it now, but a decade ago there was no shortage of people who would have considered it unthinkable to own a mobile phone.

As the last decade has passed, the numbers who do not have one have shrunk considerably, and at least in the English speaking world it is now more likely that someone will have a cell phone than not.

They have gone from being a luxury item or status symbol to being more or less the norm.

People still hold out on getting one, for their own reasons. Some think that it is a sign of gadget mania – if you can live your life without one, why bother getting one?

Others are repulsed by the idea that they could be contactable at any time, wherever they are, and value their privacy so highly that they reject the idea of having one.

And there are others who are still put off by the theory that radiation from your cell phone can give you a brain tumor.

Of course, you do not have to have a mobile phone. It is entirely possible to live your life without one.

We have, however, seemingly reached tipping point in terms of the fact that you now seem to need a reason not to have a mobile phone where before you had to justify why you were getting one.

Twenty years ago this would have seemed impossibly futuristic, but now, a mobile phone is simply seen as another thing you are expected to have.

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