Gmail for Android dark mode begins appearing

Gmail Android app

Google is on a quest to add a dark mode to its Android apps, and so far we’ve seen Google Calendar, Google Keep, Google Photos, and many others get the update. Now it looks like Gmail will be getting a dark mode of its own soon.

The latest version of the Gmail app for Android (v2019.06.09) includes a dark mode. The problem is that there’s no way to toggle it on or off, and according to Android Police, it just kind of comes and goes randomly. It also only appears in the settings of the Gmail app right now, so you’ll still be blinded by a white UI when reading your emails.

Gmail Android dark mode

It’s kind of strange to see this dark mode in the Gmail app randomly appear and disappear, but it does suggest that the official launch of dark mode in Gmail isn’t too far off. That’s not surprising since, as we said before, Google is working to dark mode all the things, but this is still exciting to see since Gmail is one of Google’s biggest and most widely used Android apps.

There’s no telling when dark mode might actually launch in Gmail, but if you’d like to try and see this early version for yourself, you can update to the latest Gmail in the Play Store or sideloading this APK.

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