Gmail getting integration for Chat and Meet to become ‘home for work’

Gmail integration Meet, Chat

Lots of people get work done on their smartphones, and this week Google announced some big changes to the Gmail app that aims to make working on-the-go even better for G Suite users.

Google confirmed today that it’s adding Chat and Meet into the Gmail app for G Suite users. As you can see in the image at the top of this post, there will be a tab for Rooms, too. Rooms is a Chat feature where you can other people both in your organization and out of it can communicate and collaborate on a project. When you’re in a Room, you can do things like create message threads and share files.

Gmail G Suite Chat, Rooms, Meet integration

Google says that it’s also beefing up Rooms for the web with real-time collaboration, letting you open and co-edit a document with your team without leaving Gmail. Other new features coming to Gmail on the web for G Suite users include adding the ability to search through Chat messages in using Gmail search, letting you pin important rooms to find them more quickly, a “Do Not Disturb” availability option, and setting notices like “Out of office”.

It’s worth noting that these features appear to be rolling out to G Suite users only right now, so if you’re not using Gmail and G Suite for work, then you won’t be seeing seeing these changes if you’re just using Gmail free for your personal account.

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