Google Assistant added to Waze

Google Assistant Waze

Ever since Google acquired Waze back in 2013, we’ve seen the Google Maps and Waze apps both get better by adding features found in the other app. Now another major Google feature is coming to Waze.

The Google Assistant is rolling out to Waze starting today in the U.S. With it, you can play music, message and call people, and more without leaving your navigation screen. You can also access Waze features like reporting traffic and potholes and checking for alternate routes using just your voice.

To begin using Google Assistant in Waze, just say something like “Hey Google, report traffic” or “Hey Google, avoid tolls” while navigating in the Waze app.

Google Assistant is a big deal to Google, and so it’s not surprising to finally see the Assistant make its way into the Waze app. If anything, it’s surprising that it took this long for Google to add the Assistant to Waze. Now if Waze is your navigation app of choice, you can do more while navigating while also staying safe behind the wheel.

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