Google discontinues base Pixel Slate with Celeron processor, discounts other models

Google Pixel Slate

When the Pixel Slate launched last year, Google offered several different variants of its high-end Chrome OS tablet, including a base model that started at just $599. Now, though, those base models have been killed off.

Google has confirmed that it has discontinued the Pixel Slate models with Celeron processors. These tablets were available in 4GB/32GB and 8GB/64GB variants at $599 and $699 price points, but they’re now going away. Here’s Google’s explanation to 9to5Google:

“We have stopped production on the G Store exclusive $599 and $699 Pixel Slate models. We remain committed to supporting these variants and will continue to stock Pixel Slate online and in stores – including our recent expansion to even more Best Buy locations.”

These Celeron-powered Pixel Slate models got some negative reviews because of performance issues, and they went out of stock shortly after launch and never really came back. Considering all of that, it’s not a huge surprise to learn that Google is now killing those Celeron-equipped Pixel Slates for good. Because of the complaints regarding their performance, this is probably a smart move for Google, because now folks who are considering a Pixel Slate won’t be able to buy these poorly reviewed models.

With these Celeron Pixel Slate models being discontinued, Google has decided to discount the other three versions of the Pixel Slate by $200. The cheapest model is now a Pixel Slate with an Intel Core m3 processor 8GB of RAM, and 64GB of storage for $599. You can also get an Intel Core i7 Pixel Slate with 8GB of RAM and 128GB of storage for $799, and the top-end Pixel Slate with an Intel Core i7, 16GB of RAM, and 256GB of storage is being discounted to $1,399.

Do these discounted Pixel Slate models interest you?

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