Google Duo increases group video calling limit to 12

Google Duo Android app

When you’re self-isolating and practicing social distancing to fight the spread of the coronavirus, it can be tough to get real human interaction. As a result, lots of people have been getting that interaction through to video calling services like Google Duo. And today Google announced that it’s making Duo better to help connect more people.

Google Duo group calls now support up to 12 people. That’s up from the previous maximum of 8 people per video call, which makes this a pretty significant increase.

“We are grateful that Duo is helping users see their loved ones all around the world,” said Sanaz Ahari, Senior Director of Product and Design at Google. “We recognize group calling is particularly critical right now. We have increased group calling from 8 participants to 12 effective today. More to come.”

Group video calls can be super helpful during this time of self-isolation and quarantining, not only giving you human interaction but also entertainment. For example, you could hold a virtual happy hour with your friends or play a game. And now folks who use Google Duo to stay in contact with loved ones can enjoy even bigger group calls.

You can download Google Duo for Android and iOS.

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