Google Fi offering $100 service credit to new customers

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Been thinking about joining Google Fi? If so, Google’s got a new offer that it hopes will push you over the edge.

Google Fi is now offering a $100 service credit to new customers who sign up by January 15, 2019. The deal is the result of a partnership with The Ellen Degeneres Show, who gave away a free Pixel 3 XL and a free year of service to audience members of a recent episode.

To qualify for this $100 Google Fi service credit, you must be a new single customer or new group plan account. You must also keep your service active for 30 days before you’ll receive your credit. Customers who buy a phone from Fi must activate within 30 days of shipment and remain active for 30 consecutive days, while customers who bring their own phone must activate by 11:59 pm PT on January 31 and remain active for 30 consecutive days. The $100 credit will be applied around 45-60 days after activation.

A service credit of $100 is a not insignificant amount, and so if you’ve been thinking about trying Google Fi, this offer is a nice way to get a month or two of service for free after joining. As a reminder, Google Fi recently added support for more Android phones and iPhones. The features available to your device will vary depending on which model you’ve got, though, and Google says that if you want the full Fi experience, you should get a phone that’s “designed for Fi” like the ones sold on the Google Fi website.

 To learn more about this Google Fi deal and take advantage of it, hit the link below.

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