Google Fi responds to COVID-19 by increasing payment grace period, full-speed data limit

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Recently we’ve seen several carriers waiving late fees and giving customers extra data in response to the coronavirus pandemic, and today Google Fi revealed how its helping its customers during these difficult times.

Google Fi is extending the payment grace period for late payments to 60 days from a customer’s missed billing date (via 9to5Google). This will allow customers to maintain full service even if they’re having trouble paying their bill.

Additionally, Google Fi is boosting its limits for full-speed data to 30GB per user for both the Flexible and Unlimited plans. Typically customers on a Flexible plan can use 15GB of data before they’re slowed to 256kbps speeds for the remainder of that billing cycle while customers on an Unlimited plan can use 22GB of data before being slowed.

Customers who need extra full-speed data beyond 30GB can get it for an additional $10 per gigabyte for the remainder of that billing cycle.

Finally, Google Fi notes that it’s operating with a limited team as a precautionary measure during the COVID-19 outbreak and so it might take longer than normal to connect with support.

Google Fi doesn’t have a set end date for its extended payment grace period and boosted full-speed data limit. Instead, it says it will be “continually monitoring the evolving developments” and deciding when to go back to its standard policies.

Many people are quarantined at home to fight the spread of the coronavirus, which could lead to them needing more high-speed internet than usual. Now Google Fi customers are getting several gigs of extra full-speed data if they need it, and folks who might be having trouble paying their bills won’t have to worry about losing their service, which is good to see from Google Fi.

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