Google Fit gaining dark theme and better sleep tracking, route maps on iOS

Google Fit dark theme, sleep patterns

Google Fit is getting some new features to help you track your activity even better.

Google today announced that Google Fit is getting better at tracking your sleep. Just connect your favorite sleep app to Google Fit and you’ll see charts that show your sleep patterns over time. You can also access, add, and edit your sleep history through the journal.

Also coming to Google Fit is a dark theme. We first saw this feature trickling out to users last month, and now Google has confirmed that you can toggle the dark theme in Google Fit’s settings to save your eyes at night and save some battery life, too.

Finally, the iOS version of Google Fit is getting the map routes feature that Android users are already using. This feature will show you a map of the route that you ran, hiked, or biked along with the summary of your workout. You’ll get a route map for workouts tracked using a Wear OS smartwatch, an Apple Watch, or other connected apps.

These are nice little additions for Google Fit. We’ve seen a lot of Google apps get dark themes lately, and so it’s great that Google Fit officially has one now, too, and the improved sleep pattern tracking is a nice addition that could help you get better sleep. And with the addition of map routes to iOS, iPhone users are getting a better Google Fit app that’s more in line with the one their Android counterparts are using.

These updates wil be rolling out to users over the next week. You can grab Google Fit for Android and iOS right now.

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