Google Fit update brings greater focus on step tracking, other improvements

Google Fit update

There’s some good news for Google Fit users to start the week, because Google today announced a major update for its activity tracking service.

First up, Google Fit is placing more of a focus on step tracking. Google says that counting steps is a familiar goal for a lot of people and a good starting point for people starting a more active lifestyle, and so Google Fit will now start to show your step count along with Heart Points at the center of the app.

The goal of this change is to allow Google Fit users to easily keep track of their movement and give them something easy to understand while retaining the Heart Points tracker so they know when to increase their intensity. You’ll still be able to find your Move Minutes, which were previously shown alongside Heart Points, inside the Google Fit app.

Speaking of the app, Google Fit is getting updated to add bold text and brighter visuals so that you can more easily see your workout info at a glance.

Google Fit Wear OS swipe tiles

Google Fit on Wear OS smartwatches is gaining a new Tiles section that lets you start a workout with a tap as well as an area to quickly see your progress to your goals throughout the day or week. These features are just a swipe away from the main Google Fit screen.

Google Fit Hears Points progress card

Finally, Google Fit is adding a Heart Points Tile on Wear OS devices plus a progress card on the Google Fit app home screen when you’re close to reaching your Heart Points goal for the week. This way you can know exactly how many points you’ve earned for the week and when you need to bump up the intensity to earn more. This feature is currently only available on Wear OS and iOS devices.

This updated Google Fit is now available on iOS, and Google says that these changes will begin appearing on Android phones and Wear OS watches this week. If you’d like to take this opportunity to try Google Fit, you can find the Android app here and the iPhone app here.

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