Google hit with antitrust investigation from 50 attorneys general

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Google is facing a new antitrust investigation.

Fifty attorneys general will investigate Google over possible antitrust violations. The bipartisan investigation is being headed up by Texas AG Ken Paxton and and includes AGs from 48 states, Washington D.C., and Puerto Rico. The two states not taking part in the investigation are Alabama and California.

Speaking during the official announcement of the investigation, Texas AG Ken Paxton said that Google “dominates all aspects of advertising on the Internet and searching on the Internet,” according to the Washington Post. He explained that the investigation will focus on Google’s advertising business but that “the facts will lead where the facts lead,” reports CNBC,¬†and he went on to clarify that this is currently an investigation, not a lawsuit.

If Google is found to have committed antitrust violations, it could be forced to divest entire businesses, such as YouTube. Another possibility is that Google could be forced to change its algorithms in ways that make them better for rivals.

Google has not yet issued an official statement on this investigation.

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